Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maple Leaf Shawl

Maplewing is finally and officially a finished object!

There were a few modifications to the pattern: the yarn used has a finer gauge that what was recommended, so I used US 2.5s instead of US 5s. Since I had a shorter row gauge, but still had quite a bit of width, there is an additional repeat of chart B, and I used a double-stranded German twisted cast-on.

The edges were intentionally blocked asymmetrically to mimic a Maple Leaf. What do you think - did it work?

Pattern: Maplewing Shawl by Anne Hanson (
Yarn: Wollmeise lace-garn in Terra di Siena-dark
Yardage: About 175 grams from a 300 gram/1740 yd. skein
Knitting time: early April 2009 to June 22, 2009.
Needle size: 2.5 US