Friday, November 30, 2007

The Wait

I know, I know-- it's a little late to talk about Thanksgiving. My regrets.
Here's a quick account of an extended family "up North" at the cabin.

Can you see the time on that clock?
This was 10:14 on Thansgiving day. Yep, the turkey still was not dethawed.

For some, the wait for dinner was unbearable.

"Big Boys" took to playing with leggos.

We couldn't serve roast Bryce, so we decided to play a few games and knit for awhile.

(pre-felted clogs make great hats)And then, well.... we had a late liquid lunch.

What else could we do?

Even the neighbors got into the act:The kids drank responsibly... milk and chemicals only.
Finally, dinner was served.

Brent's tummy grew two sizes plus one:
It was a Thanksgiving full of lots a' love.

and a wee bit of snowy exercise.
My 'feminine' bed was quite enticing that night.
We stayed for a few more days. Similar events occured over and over again.
It's a haul back home-- so we had an early drive home once the weekend was over.

Everyone's looking forward to our next holiday together.


Miss T said...

Looks like a very nice cabin and a great gathering, but boy, that's late to be still thawing the turkey! I'm amazed it worked.

Anonymous said...

Nice drunk pics!

Elemmaciltur said...

Seems you had a great holiday with your family. :-) Now I want some turkey. :-p

Anonymous said...

Making the best of what you've got to work with!