Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Modern Libraries, Gaping Fish?

Modern Libraries: quick thoughts on E-books & opinions of librarians

I let my political leanings slip earlier when I mentioned how fabulous I think Al Giordano's The Field is - so I'll share a recent situation from the week:
A few nights ago I decided to walk 10ish blocks to the local libe and pay off that overdue fine from 3.5 years ago to check out a few books. I was pleasantly surprised to not only find the books I was looking for on the shelf-- but one was available as free e-audio books as well! Shocking. I asked about this feature in depth (again, shocking!), and both librarians had no idea it was offered. period. After reading the fine print, about 400 books are currently free to download in the St. Paul public library system as long as you have a personal PC or MP3 with media player formats. (I have a mac book and ipod at home.) These downloads don't expire after a set period of time, either. Anyone else shocked at this? It's really cool - but no end period, ever? Suffice to say, I checked out the books pictured below:

Once one of the librarians looked at them and made a Ferraro-esque comment to me. [That is, words G. Ferraro has become infamous for saying during this primary election.] I'm sorry --and perhaps this is post-feminist of me-- but should one forward primary gender-based vitriol onto patrons of the library? Aren't you there to help people find resources and inform the public-- not offer your opinion (in an offensive way) to the people? I just smiled and said, 'check me out please' instead of offering... well, my strong feelings on the subject.

Since this is a knitting blog, do these socks look like gaping fish just out of the pond & on the dock? I can't knit them without thinking 'fish', 'gaping fish drowning in oxygen'. Last night I started decreasing for the toes, and I'm hoping to finish them at lunch today.

During the last post I might have mentioned how much I have enjoyed knitting with Handmaiden's Cashbah sock yarn. Since spinning has taken over at chez Cashmere Dreams, I've been really good about buying only pre-yarn materials, not actual yarn. These socks made me fall, and fall hard. It's the cashmere blend, I swear! The Yarnery had a new shipment in this week.


incaknits said...

You bought all three? What a kind sacrifice to the fiber gods. Casbah rules, I must say!! Enjoyed seeing you on Monday. Hope you uys had fun knitting that night!!

Erik said...

Obama supporter, huh? You obviously hate women.

Oh, and you're a commie.

soxanne said...

Thanks for the tip - I had a gift certificate for The Yarnery begging to be used when I read your post ... suddenly I find myself the proud owner of a beautiful hank of Handmaiden's Cashbah.

Oh, and I'm a woman-hating commie too!

Guinifer said...

You are a stronger woman than I, for I surely would have something acidic spilling off my toungue to that woman.

And holy cashmere! Those are gorgeous.

Holly said...

such lovely roving.

For what it is worth - there is a nice discussion on the Ravelry audio book forum about getting things onto ipods when you use a MacBook (since it seems like Netlibrary and others only recognize the PC world

Knitted Gems said...

I don't blame you for caving. Cashmere makes me go weak in the knees too. Those yarns are gorgeous.

Miss T said...

Okay, I'm dying to know what that librarian said!

InkyOrchid said...

It's so hard to stay away from the Casbah. I lurve it.