Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never too soon

It's never too soon to start holiday gifts, right? These will be given to a 25 yr. old who has a purple jacket. What do you think-- leave as fingerless, or knit full mittens?
Pomatomus pattern at knitty.com, 48 stitches on US 3s, Araucantia Atacama purchased on sale at elann.com, palm in rib. 2 skeins are needed for a pair with two pattern repeats on the cuff.
I wore the wrong shirt to work to model these!

Finger-smooshing update:
feeling better, still a little swollen, and permanent bruising under two nails.
(fuzzy pic, hard to take with one hand!)


Guinifer said...

Those are beautiful! I am a huge mitten fan for warmth, but seems like I always have to drive, and they're not so good for the driving.

CathyCate said...

Well, you could probably guess my vote, because the fingerless gloves I make seem so well-received (some of the recipients would decidedly not wear mittens!) but it depends on the giftee and the climate they live in and their lifestyle. One thing about fingerless gloves, though; I will sometimes wear them over a pair of thin regular gloves for extra warmth and coolness factor. (You know what I mean.)
I noticed making them into gloves was not an option -- after the Fetching gloves, you're gloved out for the moment, I bet!

Anonymous said...

As a fingerless glove person myself, that would be my choice (but this winter may change my mind.

I'm very inspired by using the sock design in a different way - thanks for that!

Elemmaciltur said...

Fingerless is the way to go with these. The cuff is long enough, if you make a full mitten, it will look out of proportion.

Stacey said...

I love fingerless - functional but toasty!

Diane said...

25 yr old? I'd leave them fingerless. At 25 you are much more into style instead of comfort. They look great. However those fingers look painful.

Brenda said...

I'd leave them fingerless mitts. Easier to drive, and you won't have to mess with the pattern stitch AND decreasing. It looks really pretty in that yarn!

Lisa said...

I vote for fingerless also...beautiful!