Wednesday, October 17, 2007


There's a wee bit of knitting in my life at the moment. It's a second sock!

I'm thouroughly. totally. completely. exhausted.
Work is dragging me through the coals at the moment.

Both events were excellent. Thanks to those who attended with me- I had a great time!
(I'll blather about them later if time is available.)

Tonight, the film The Devil Came on Horseback at the Bell.
It's o.k. I'll sleep next week.


Anonymous said...

Life is too short for sleep.

Didja see the malabrigo laceweight at the Yarnery? Yum.

Guinifer said...

Sock Kong! (Heh)

The movie sounds fascinating - but a little heavy for a tired brain (at least my tired brain).

Elemmaciltur said...

The sock certainly is looking good!

Holly said...

Still dragging? Don't we all resemble that remark right now?

Just like sock knitting seems to roll around the world, I think there is this magic as well that makes everyone have a rough time at work in the same week.

InkyOrchid said...

Your socks looked wonderful last night!

I also wanted to let you know that I checked when I got home, and I do have a skein of Dashing Dachs in the stash. Seems to be more of the same sport/DK base.