Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ripple or Pop?

Not so attractive, right? The two skeins on the right are Lucia skeins from Posh Yarns. I over-dyed the middle one for a friend, and another friend gave me the (not)-so-gorgeous skein on the right. They both over-dyed nicely. I don't have a picture of the middle skein, but the right one was used below. (Please excuse the poor lighting! All of a sudden it's winter in Minnesota.)

Maia Discoe designed a wonderful pattern for September's Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL on Ravelry. She's called it Sheherezade's Slippers, and it's free. Clicking the link above will bring you to clue #1. Later posts in her blog ( will lead you to clues 2-4. I'm a little late to the game, but thought I'd give it a go. [Note slight detour from Wollmeise socks...]

If you've seen pictures of other's sheherezade slippers, you'll see that I modified rows 0 (cast-on) through 7. I've also changed rows 49 and 51 slightly.
Requesting Advice: Ripple or Pop?
The cables really don't pop in the Posh yarn. Elemm has recommended ripping them out and twisting the cables. Whaddya think? Leave them as a ripple texture, or rip out and force them to pop as traveling stitches?

Toby and Paco don't care-- they just want to be wrapped in wool for the entire cool season!


Stacey said...

I have these socks in my queue too - they are so pretty! I think the cables look great as is!

CathyCate said...

Lovely design! And gorgeous overdyeing results!

I don't know that the cables will show to full advantage even with twisting stitches, given the lovely dark colors of the yarn. So I think I would leave it as is, rather than putting extra work into the ripping, reknitting (and twisting) and still not having it 'pop'. Sometimes subtle is OK!

Jill said...

The ripple texture almost looks like falling leaved which goes well with the middle section. If it were me - I'd leave it

Guinifer said...

I think I'd leave the cables as is for comfort when wearing! (The socks are gorgeous!)

renee said...

I haven't seen anyone else's socks, so I'm not sure what theirs looks like. In general, I like the pop of cables, but I think it looks perfectly nice as is if you don't want to go to the trouble of ripping and re-knitting. If it's always going to bother you, rip now. Super cute picture of the boys!

Holly said...

fully agree with the issue of things appearing differently with darker yarns.

And sometimes things show up much more clearly when they are on your feet.

I would leave them as beautiful as they are.

Deepa said...

To rip when there isn't really a mistake per se...naah. :) The sock is beautiful, much more in person than in the photo. One of these days I'll find the mojo (and time) to follow a chart.