Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's o.k. to admit that you're just not going to finish all of your holiday projects, right?

Ever since I was a kid I usually would opt for making gifts instead of buying them . For some, it's the perfect item. Others don't quite get it-- and that's o.k. Since I've been without a sewing machine for the last few months, and a loaned surger is arriving for a week or so tomorrow , I know any knitting project that may have possibly been completed from here on out will be on hold.

With that said, I give you unfinished holiday item #1: It's the Patrick sweater by Black Purl Designs. The neck/shoulder decrease section was poorly written-- we all know how the "at the same time" business works-- so I sorta stopped after I realized the neck opening was too small. This, of course, occurred after I had finished a 3 needle bind-off at the shoulder! grr.

It's ripped out and waiting for corrective knitting. Perhaps you'll see it on your birthday, Erik!

Unfinished holiday item #2:
Alpaca mitts for my brother-- modified Charlene Schurch pattern. (he doesn't know about the blog.) Soft as butter. There's a slight chance I'll finish by Dec. 24th. We'll see. I'm aiming to finish *at least* one to wrap up and place under the tree.


Miss T said...

Fingers crossed for you--those are both pretty ambitious for gift-deadline knitting, but they're going to be beautiful!

fluffbuff said...

Good luck with with the projects; they are both beautiful. The mittens' color palette is fabulous.

Stacey said...

the mitts are fabulous! i never do holiday knitting just for the fact that i know i am bound to run into problems and not finish!! :)

Pat said...

Oooo - the alpaca mitts are gorgeous - I love your colors.
and that sweater is a work of art - all those luscious cables - worth the time and energy to make it right!

Jess said...

Both are lovely! Are the mittens from the Mostly Mittens book? I wish I'd picked that one up before it went out of print, it's bound to be great like her others.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Oh rats, too bad about the Patrick pattern, but the cables are gorgeous! Love the alpaca mitts too. : )

Jason said...

Sorry Deb your brother knows about your blog.