Monday, July 28, 2008

Night Swimming

Ok, all right. It's been a long while.

I haven't stopped knitting or spinning like a mad fiend, just stopped blogging and uploading Flickr/Ravelry photos... A big reason why is a recent trip to the North woods of Minnesota.
Extended family and friends joined us, although this was the first trip since 2003 with my brother. He loooves to fish. So, we fished We had a lot of success on the Little Big Fork River. For the first time in my life I caught something other than a lake Perch. I couldn't believe this tiny river had Walleye, Northern, Large and Small-Mouthed Bass, and an armada of massive Suckers.
He's a Rosie-Grier style needlepoint guy, but I did teach him to knit:2008 is a wet, buggy year. The boys had tons of fun in the mudd-
My brother did not.

I bought these shoes for him during the last holiday. Looks like it's time for another pair!
At the lake I knit in and out of the water. These are Wollmeise socks that have recently been finished, and I love them. Also, I worked on a pair of Cashbah socks for my aunt in lace from the far-right skein.
Mid-vacation there was a slight canoeing mis-hap, and my once-lovely Canon took a final picture of the weeds ---

--and now produces images like this!

It's an impression of my cousin, and yes- this is as good as it gets!~ Once again, time to re-learn that water and electronics don't mix.

So, I'm shopping for a camera. Any recommendations?


Kitt said...

Oh no!

Since it's already so messed up, maybe you could try leaving it in the oven on the lowest setting overnight to see if that gets the moisture out? Of course, if there's scum on the inside of the lens you're hosed, but it might be worth a try.

I'm a big fan of the Panasonic Lumix. They do a point-and-shoot and a DSLR. I have the former (DMC-FX7), a few years old, and will get the updated version when this one dies.

Your trip looks like great fun, anyway!

Guinifer said...

I've not heard of a much better mid-price camera than the Canon, I personally, am wishing for lovely Canon to replace my little Sony.

Anonymous said...

I have a Panasonic Lumix, too, and highly recommend it. I just bought it in the last few years and did a TON of research. Every time my pics are better than others taken at the same time/event, I know it was worth it even if it cost just a bit more than the Sonys and Cannons of the world.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Looks like you have been having fun! Sorry to hear about the camera.

She Knits Socks said...

My former camera was a Panasonic Lumix. My new camera is a Canon SD750. The Canon is quicker to boot up and has better flash. Of course, the Panasonic is a little old.

June said...

Oh Man! What a bummer! Well, I love the socks and hope you did finish them! I personally have an older Fuji and had lots of trouble with it in the beginning, they finally replaced it... but it was a hassle. Nikon or Canon would be my top choices! :)

She Knits Socks said...

Thanks for your suggestion to my knitting problem. I'm doing what you suggested. I put it in "time out" for a while. I went ahead with another sock while this one rests.

twinsetellen said...

Sorry about the camera. Selfishly I'm glad you got some nice Wollmeise pictures before it took the dive.