Monday, September 8, 2008

Color Phase

Why does something as simple and basic as color hold our fascination every single day? As a child, nothing was more exciting than selecting your favorite crayon from the box. At work I love seeing how coral looks great on every skin tone, and I continue to detest the mushroom color of my cubical walls. Now, nothing is more exciting than picking out the perfect wall color-- or perusing your Wollmeise stash for the best saturated colors...
Are you someone who has a constant favorite color, a favorite set of colors (warm vs cool?), or are you like me-- you find yourself going through color phases? I'm certainly stuck in one right now: bright-sunshine-orange.
Last January I started a pair of socks that I originally classified as "losers". After a little leg shaping, the chevron pattern sucked in too many stitches for me to get the sock over my large instep. Talk about knitting too small of a gauge swatch... Over the summer I ripped it out and started again - and I just loved how they turned out.

I still love the shaping, though. I love it enough to pay with gauge and re-knit this pattern again! I've had a number of requests for this pattern from people who saw them at the Minnesota State Fair Creative Activities building (they won a blue ribbon in the Textured Socks category) and from folks on Ravelry.

So.... yes, I'm writing up the pattern. I'm going to change the ribbing to flow into the chevron pattern, and chart out the leg shaping as an element to add if you wish.
The first copies will go to people who will be taking a sock workshop class at Bella Lana in Minneapolis this October from me. I'm really excited to be teach a knitting class again! Project details:
Start/end: January-July 2008
yarn - Wollmeise Sockenwolle in Sonne M
needles - knit picks circulars in 2.25 and 2.5mm
pattern - coming soon!
Coming up: A spinning update & most recent knits: a pair of Poison no. 5 socks and Entangled Stitches gloves (Gorgeous pattern!) in the Wollmeise SOS- Save Our Souls crazy-bright-orange colorway. Wow, are they bright!


Guinifer said...

As always, love that yarn, love that color, and love that sock! I went through my own orange phase this Summer. I think I was just trying to achieve that sock.

Michelle L. said...

WhooHoo, I'm glad to actually get to see your socks. Louise sent me a link letting me know you were going to be at Bella Lana. Have fun with the class and I'm hopeing to see them in person in November!

Kelle said...

I was just thinking that I believe that the pendulum of my color favorites that swings between green and reds is swinging back toward reds again, but it may be just because of the seasons changing in the spring - green in the autumn - red. So I guess it changes, I have learned that I seem to have a preferrence for warm colors. There is a definite dearth of blues and purples in my stash. Nothing against them but not something I am drawn to when I peruse yarn. Your socks are beautiful, girl, well worth the blue ribbon.

Rebecca said...

Those are gorgeous!