Friday, December 29, 2006


koigu sock
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Here's where the I'm-a-terrible-blogger portion comes in. I forget to take photos, then don't post because who wants to read anything without pictures? Clearly I don't!

During the holidays I only gave pair of socks as a gift-- the gorgeous red ones for my mom. She absolutely adores them, but wouldn't try them on Christmas eve for a picture. Tonight we're going to see the British Television Advertisement Awards (BTAA) at the Walker, so hopefully I can snap a quick picture to show y'all.

Currently I've been working on these koigu socks. Status: one sock will be finished tomorrow morning-- the other is an inch from the heel. (Both are toe-up, and clearly this is not a recent photo...)

For some reason I was obsessed with this colorway about two years ago. Last winter I used one of the skeins to knit a Charlotte's Web shawl. This left *three* skeins of the same colorway in the stash. Seriously, four skeins of the same koigu color-- all without a project in mind? Talk about a fiber addiction-- especially when I should have used the money to work on my house!!!

These socks will eat up two more skeins from the stash, along with a little black gems for the heels & some "ornamenture" at the top of the sock. This will leave one final skein left-- a lighter version with lots of silver and some black/purple streams. I know I'll be tired of the color for a while, so it will be used at a later date to make a short pair of socks with a grey Rowan 4-ply yarn from Joyce's garage sale for toes and heels. (Joyce is a blogless MSP knitter. sorry.)

Next post: I won a contest from kmkat's blog! Yesterday I received a skein of All Things Heather yarn in the mail. Picture forthcoming. I've never tried her yarn, a lovely fingering 100% machine washable merino, so I'm excited to give it a go. At first glance it's very similar to Gem's pearl. Knitting it, of course, is the true test of sock worthiness!

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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Theresa said...

Those are stunning - can't wait to see them more complete! Plus, with all that time in the North Woods, don't you need some Koigu socks?