Monday, December 4, 2006

Trekking 100

Trekking 100
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During the past week I've been dealing with KCC- Knitting Deficit Disorder. I've been switching back and forth between multiple projects, and I can't seem to focus on any given item. For example, a cute little baby hat needs only two inches of decreases before completion-- the needles were stolen to test-swatch some KP alpaca for fingerless mitts (holiday gift)-- and never returned to the hat!

I'm almost embarrased to say how many works in progress there are around my house. Last night the partially finished socks were inventoried. Let's just say I'm ready for at least 15 snow days this winter.

So, it's December 4th, and I'm in partial denial. See, the plan is to finish a pair of socks (.67% completed) for a Women's size 7 relative, another sock pair for a men's size 12 (.06% completed), and knit the top bits and sleeves of a cabled men's aran (.6% done) before the holidays. Heh. At the current rate of KDD, none will be finished!

I forgot my camera-- so instead of the finished Thanksgiving socks, here's the pair I wore on Saturday!

yarn: Trekking XXL, 100 colorway
completion: oh, about a year ago
pattern: a simple knit 5, purl 2-- then shift one over every two rows. Garter stitch heels a-la Lucy Neatby, and a star-ribbed toe.

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