Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sweetie bedeedi.

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Friday night my mom stayed in the guest room. She woke up early (per her usual) and spent some time with the dogs in the living room.

I woke up hearing her voice-- and instantly knew from her tone that she was talking to Mr. Toby* He grr'ed back at her, clearly not excited about something. (As a Basenji, he hates all forms of water. It was raining, so she must have been trying to convince him to go outside.) As soon as he heard me rustling around he came to the door and made his "uhh, uhh..." (LET ME IN!) sound.

Whoever said Basenjis were mute was completely loco.

My momma didn't wear the socks on Friday night. She didn't even bring them, so they'll make an appearance at a later date. [I'm also thinking about taking photos of all the shawls I have knit for her, too. A 'mom gallery', if you will.]

*unfortunately my mom has chosen a favorite grand puppy-- Paco. He's taken lessons in how to show just how much he loves you-- with, yes, a touch the crazy. ...and my mom loves every minute of it.

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