Sunday, May 13, 2007

Llama Magic

Shepherd's Harvest (a sheep and wool festival in Lake Elmo, MN) was great! Last year we were plagued with nasty, cold thunderstorms that hammered and shook metal buildings. The weather couldn't have been more cooperative and was absolutely gorgeous-- and people were out in droves.

Stylish "poodle" cuts.
Every animal I saw was happily chomping or crooning away. Llama magic, indeed! Munching llamas are completely adorable. Their expressions constantly change, and there's a circular motion to their chewing. Very funny, playful-- and no spitting occured!

There was roving, top, processed yarn, knitted items, patterns, notions, and lots of food for sale. I guess I couldn't be bothered with the rest. (or... I was too busy talking and buying!) You'll just have to live with the llama pics. Shepherd's Harvest was truly great this year.


Anonymous said...

But...but...what did you BUY?

Sorry we didn't cross paths! I had a great time too.

InkyOrchid said...

How is it that I live in Stillwater and miss this every year?!

Excuse me, but I have to go and bang my head on a wall now.

Guinifer said...

Great llama pics dear!

Yea, and what Amy said, what did you buy?

Lynne said...

Llamas without their clothes on! So funny!
Thanks for dropping by my blog for the contest - sorry you didn't win!
Hmm, I see thistles, not aliens, though I can see both.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

So cute, love these llamas! It was nice meeting you on Saturday! : )