Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Paco update & Summer Goals Contest

Thanks for all of your well-wishes for Paco. Heartworm treatment is truly barbaric and lead to a tough week. Two arsenic-compound shots created a just-back-from-chemotherapy stupor of pain for my little guy. Paco finally started to act like his regular self this weekend. I’m starting to have a rough time keeping him from running around the house! Toby remains at his grandparent’s home, where I hear that he’s having a great time.

Onto fun news:

Ali at Skeins Her Way is having a summer contest. You've got a few days to enter by talking about your summer goals. Go for it!

Summer 2007 Knitting Goals ( 6/1/07 through 9/1/07)

1. Start an online store at Etsy.com for handpainted yarn.
2. Socks: Finish three pairs of previously started socks. Finish three sock designs.
3. Finish the Lotus Blossom Tank.
4. Don’t buy any more yarn! (to keep) Only buy yarn to dye and sell.

EDIT: How could I forget???

5. Finish Lizard Ridge!!!

Why the quiet blog over the past week? Well, two reasons:
1. Devote time to Paco.
2. My camera left me. That is, the camera I borrowed from my brother left me! He needed it on 5/18, and I knew that it wouldn’t be coming back. So, this weekend I zoomed around town looking for deals—and I found a Cannon Powershot Elph SD600 for $159.00. Love it. Look for new pictures tomorrow!


Stacey said...

so glad Paco is feeling better! i've seen dogs go through that treatment and it is very rough!

Jess said...

I'm glad to hear Paco is doing well. I hope he continues to improve.

Congratulations on the new camera! I think I may be having to look for a new one as mine has *still* not shown up.

deepa said...

Yay new camera! I have a model for you. :)

Goal #1 is fabulous. Look for immediate and continuing orders from me, and remind me to tell you about the quaint Indian tradition of 'bohni' (pronounced 'bony'). Oh yes, graphic design...must get started!

theblondeknitter said...

glad to see Paco's better, that's a great pic of him w/your new camera. YAY!
i can hardly wait to get a digital. i like my 35mm, but you can't get that instant gratification i long for...soon, soon...

Diane said...

I love your goals. Glad Paco is feeling a bit better.

InkyOrchid said...

I'm glad to hear Paco is doing so much better.

I'd also like to mention that I'd love to do some test knitting on those new sock patterns of yours, if you need it.

Guinifer said...

Glad to hear Paco's health is looking up. Can't wait to see your yarns.