Friday, June 8, 2007


1. Twin Cities: C'mon out and join the TCknitters tomorrow for a brown bag lunch just east of the rose garden at Lake Harriet from 11 to 2. It's a good time, although bring a blanket or chair. As Marge can attest to, wee biting beasts were out last year. (Chiggers, folks. Chiggers. two words: fingernail polish.)

2. Earlier in the week I went here:

(MN Bonsai Society's Annual Auction) and met her. Knitters are everywhere! I was trying to look at a few trees during the silent aution-- and she spotted the raupe socks in my basket. Actually, the event became much more interesting once we started talking (in hushed voices) during the regular action. We were yelled at only once by the auctioneer... :)
I bought two trees on the silent (cheap) auction-- a Quince and an Olive tree. I had a Chinese Quince years ago for about five years. It's a lovely wee flowering tree that must be kept indoors during the winter. (In Minnesota, at least.) When I left for six months to live in N. Africa, my keeper slowwwwwly killed it. So, I thought I'd give Bonsai another go. I'll show you tree pics next week.

3. Remember the summer goals? I've been working on the write-up for this:

I just figured out the last component yesterday!

Have a great weekend.

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ali said...

sock's looking good!
and the tree event sounds like fun.
happy knitting-