Monday, June 11, 2007

WW Sock KIP Day

Glorious weather, wonderful view. Someone (thankfully) beat me to the roll-call punch, so click away to find out who showed up at Lake Harriet for TCknit's WW KIP location from the links above.

So, what was everyone knitting? (Left to right, all photos)

1. Socks with FREE Panda Cotton Yarn. Lucky Woman.
2. Elphin Bride in black mercerized cotton.

3. Socks - Meilenweight Cotton
4. Socks - Panda Cotton
5. Socks - ? You were knitting socks, right?
6. Dropped Stitch Tank. beautiful!

"Umm, honey... are you knitting with your imaginary yarn!?!?!"
7. Ohh look! More socks! Nancy's Traveler's socks from Knitting on the Road were quite impressive.

8. Kristi was knitting gloves. Gloves, with lots and lots of wool!!! Many would not touch the warm stuff when it's this beautiful outside.

9. Our final knitter: mittens. Wooly, warm mittens.

We're going to meet up again this August at the Irish Fair. Become a member of TCknit at Yahoo groups to find out more.


Anonymous said...

Irish fair? What Irish fair?

I blew it. Thought it was Sunday. Until later Saturday some of the blogs started posting about it. Dang.

Diane said...

That looks like a fun day.

Jess said...

Looks like a fun day! One year I *will* be in town for this.

Stacey said...

it looks like it was a wonderful day!!!!!

Holly said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Back in the early 70s, I never saw anyone other than me with yarn in their hands outside.
Well, outside of the beginnings of the SCA later that decade.
Or perhaps it was that St Paul did not knit in public at the time.