Friday, March 14, 2008

Jammin' Pajama Weekend

Last weekend was one of those glorious three day-ers with friends. Of course, I had to pay my dues with a fervored work week before...

Friday morning Deepa and wee one came over for a traditional Turkish breakfast before Cathy and I drove up to The Nunnery for a knitting retreat. My mom also joined us and watched her grand puppies while I was gone.

It's fun when people come over sporting previous gifts. Wee one was in a silly hat I knit for her when she was still a thought in her parent's minds, and my mom was wearing last year's holiday gift-- a kureyon cardi.

After breakfast November joined us, and we drove North to Little Falls, MN. After a fabulous dinner At the Black and White, we crawled into our pajamas.

Once in our comfy clothes, we stayed in them the entire weekend.

Want proof?

Yes, lots of pajama wearing. Cathy 'air thrums' for Louise and Joyce.

After a few hours, a thrummed mitten monster was born.

Marge knit a pair of STORM WARNING socks.

Doesn't it look like a nasty front is on it's way to your house?

(They're Jitterbug- Lolipop colorway yarn)
Michelle and Amy are not forcing smiles here-- they genuinely had a good time.

Marge didn't want her face shown... so hopefully this pajama profile is o.k. Too bad Jeanne wasn't in the photo-- the two of them looked like an LL Bean advert together.

We're all looking forward to Louise's next retreat in the fall.


CathyCate said...

I'm glad *you* knew what I was doing in that picture with Louise and Joyce, because it looks to me like I'm air knitting (to their great interest).

I have the L.L. Bean ad up on my blog now.

And I heard nothing about "no faces", so Ms. M is out of luck that way, I guess!

Thanks again for the hospitality!

Deepa said...

I love the name you gave Marge's socks- very appropriate! You all look like you're having such a great time.

Vicarious pleasures. And one of these years I will be able to join you and experience the fun firsthand. :)