Monday, March 17, 2008


on urban grunge and season change

Last week a near miracle occurred. We finally were above freezing for extended periods of time. The news was announced last Tuesday by a co-worker: "Guys. Hey guys-- it's 50 degrees outside!" A woman next to him replied, "Yeah, but it feels like 45."
People started whistling at work in the cubicles due to the heat wave in Minnesota.

Of course, there's an ugly downside to these blissful temperatures:
Urban grunge revealed.
It's even worse up close and in person. This, ladies and gents, is my usual bus stop. My one-way commute by car is about 5 minutes. I elect for public transport during the week-- an extra 10 minutes is added each way, but I save $100 a month, and I can hang onto my older car for at least a few more years.

After the snow started to melt I couldn't take it anymore. This week I switched up and now am back to taking the bus closer to home, although this results in a further walk in downtown.

This morning we had a dusting of snow. Like all March snows, it'll be gone in a flash.

I hate to admit it, but I'm not a fan of spring until the crazy-bright 3-day chartreuse burst from the trees begin. The warmer temps are fantastic, and I love the return of long evening walks. It's certainly a love/hate relationship. The muddy, grungy in-between phase is not my favorite.

On knitting: for the past 1o days I've been working on an long neglected project. (2nd 1/2 of post) Within a week it should be done!


Kitt said...

Oh yes, grunge. Especially having to clean up the backyard of the doggy landmines that were hidden beneath the snow.

But! Our bulbs are coming up here, so yours can't be far behind.

Kay said...

I love the chartreuse burst of leaves in the spring, too!

Thanks for the photos.

Guinifer said...

It was a lovely snowfall today, though, wasn't it?

Kitt said...

Hey look! Pigeon print!