Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spinning out of Control?

Indian Corn
Renee gave me some beautiful Blue Faced Leister (BFL) roving last month for my birthday. She purchased it at The Fiber Studio in Minneapolis, and it was labeled as the "Masquerade" colorway. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous! Apparently she asked for an autumn-like colorway. The fiber stayed in a bowl on the coffee table for about two weeks-- then quickly found its way onto the bobbins!
Once plied together, the yarn looked just like Indian corn! We used to grow a row of it on the hobby farm I grew up on, so it was around every decorative surface in the house for months out of the year. Ahh, it still needs to be washed and dried. It should fluff up and soften a bit. The fiber is a nice sport weight, and is approximately 225 yards. I'm planning on tucking it away until next fall for a special undetermined project.
Baby Blues
All right-- so I'm a little late here. This skein was plied about two weeks ago. I purchased a few scrap bags from Funky Carolina and gathered all of the merino/soysilk fiber together. I split each color in half, then spun the fiber from blue to purple, purple/pink to cream, then cream to yellow-y green. It created a lovely transition of color. Combined with the fact that I finally got just the right amount of spin per ply, I'm really proud of this yarn!!

Of course, I used the Traditional Ashford to make it. This wheel has returned to it's owner and after a few updates (new treadle, drive band, etc.) will soon be for sale in the Twin Cities. Send an email if you're interested, and I'll relay you to the owner.

File under Spinning Experiments:
I've been working on a different wheel for the past two weeks. A friend in the fiber community has a 19" Rick Reeves Frame Wheel that needed a little TLC. It hadn't been used for over 2 years. Thanks to Kerry (ravelry and blog), she's up and running-- and spinning beautifully. I'm 98% sure that I'm going to buy this wheel from her.

I was back to an earlier problem on it, though-- too much enthusiasm in my plies. I've been playing around with tension and different whorls, and I think I'm getting there... Time, practice, time-- it'll happen!
See? The enthusiastic singles have returned.
This yarn is heavier than I've been spinning lately. I've been playing with random color lengths to create self-striping barber pole yarn. From what I saw last night while plying, I'm REALLY pleased. I can't wait to take it off the bobbin to see how it looks!
Again, I'm hoping some of the twist will relax with a nice wash. If not, it'll be an elastic yarn, and a fun experiment. :)


Criosa said...

wow, you've been spinning like a madwoman!

lovely yarns!

Miss T said...

Love the colors!

bockstark.knits said...

oh so GORGEOUS!!! i love the indian corn one! :)

Holly said...

Not out of control at all! Just learning and trying new things. Easy to see and understand.

And now you get to join the rest of us on one skein projects!

Jill said...

Great yarn! I can hardly wait to see what it looks like knitted up.

Guinifer said...

So pretty - it's like looking at gardens of gorgeous flowers when everybody shows off their pretty handspun.

renee said...

I'm impressed that you've already spun that fiber up! I was expecting it to age a little. Looks like you made a very nice yarn for yourself, though - can't wait to see what it ultimately becomes.

Elemmaciltur said...

Well, looky who's becoming a spinning addict! Great job!

InkyOrchid said...

The spinning is really coming along!

Deepa said...

The Indian corn is too, too beautiful. This is the sort of thing that must have given rise to the expression "eye candy." I can't wait to see it in person...I'm sure the photos don't do justice!

juliblue said...

Hi, great spinning!! I have been looking for this SAME wheel and if you don't buy her, or hear of another I would be eternally grateful! I love the RR wheels and have to add this one to my collection soon:) Sincerely, Juli