Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A return to blogging after nearly two weeks--
I have no excuse other than two handfuls of increased work duties and extra hours in the office. The project is nearing the end, and they started tearing down miles of cubicles in on the floor center. I've been sneezing like mad for the past two weeks due to the dust storm. Do you think any over the counter products would help?
The latest handspun installment started out with enthusiastic singles (my specialty!) and turned into a fun, striping worsted weight skein. It's 176 yards in total and was spun on a Reeves 19" wheel. Once I realized the driveband was too loose, I've been able to control the amount of spin per ply on the next spinning project. Details forthcoming...
My friend Sara, uber-St. Paul/Political blogger and recreational knitter, gave me her older MAC laptop this week. She collects computers like I buy yarn. The least I could do was give her a little handspun love.
*As you may or may not know, I've been a bit of an electronic luddite for the past three years. I have a tv, a cell phone, and a digital camera. No cable- no internet. Now that I have a laptop... well, perhaps I'll blog more often. Perhaps.
In other news, new windows will be installed in my home in a week or so. Yipee! I can't wait to end the storm/screen screen/storm updates each spring and fall. As you can tell, I gave up on glass replacement last September. (and yes, it's April-- and we still have snow on the ground!!!)
I've abandoned the last few repeats of Madli's Shawl to whip up a bit of knitted origami. Someone's first birthday is coming up in a few weeks...
Toby's eyes pleaded, "Can we go out for a walk, pleeease? You're gore-tex tennis shoes are out and waiting..." It doesn't matter how late, this little guy always wants to smell the fresh air.


Erik said...

Mac =/ PC

Diane said...

With that little face looking up at you I'd imagine those shoes were on your feet in no time at all. What a cutie!

renee said...

I usually take Claritin for allergy symptoms. It works pretty well and doesn't make me sleepy. They were putting new cubicles in next to me last week and had to do some patchwork with the walls, so drywall dust was floating around for a couple of days - I can totally sympathize!

Adorable little sweater - I think she's going to love it.

Knitted Gems said...

Your handspun yarn looks lovely.

I'd cave every time Toby asked me for a walk too.

Holly said...

oh crud - snow? In April?

Why am I not surprised? Seems like I should pack warm for next week.

Electronics? Laptop is essential, the TV could be skipped.
(you can watch movies on laptops....)

Mary Lou said...

zicam allergy - homeopathic stuff that works really well for me. You can get it at the Miss. Market and some Walgreens - maybe even the fabulous one in downtown St. Paul

Guinifer said...

Love the color of your origami!