Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MN Fiber Activities and stuff

Fiber Activities in the Twin Cities in the next few weeks

1. Yarn Harlot visits St. Paul once again this Thursday at St. Thomas.

There will be some tickets available via standby if you are willing to show up at 6 with a print-out from the link above. (620 free tickets were given away by the Yarnery within a week. I've heard 120 requests were not met.)

2. Joseph Scrimshaw's new production: Stitch, Bitch N' Die looks like a great time!

It's a murder-mystery-comedy playing at the Bryant Lake Bowl the next three

Friday nights at 7pm. B.Y.O.K. (Bring Your Own Knitting)

I'll be at this Friday's show with fellow fiber lovers.3. The Minnesota Knitter's Guild hosts Yarnover this Saturday in Hopkins. (note location change) There's a plethora of classes to take & there will be a fab marketplace, too.

4. Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival is just around the corner. It's always mother's day weekend, and is well worth placing on your calendars! Come spin; buy fiber, yarn, or tools; take a class; watch working dogs round up sheep; and don't miss the Llama Magic!

On Not Giving Away Yarn:

I've been giving away most of my handspun yarn. Last week my first yarn creation nearly left the house. After looking at it this weekend, I decided I would make it impossible to give away in it's current form...

Most of the first yarn is now a neck warmer. I casted on 77 stitches on a US 9, knit a few rows of seed stitch and switched to stockinette thereafter. 1/2 way through I decreased 2 stitches evenly around and knit until it was 'just the right length', and finished with more seed stitch.
Toby was a pretty willing model last night.

He may just want to keep it.

Perhaps I should knit him a sweater of his own.

Of course, this is supposed to be worn by a human.

For the first time, here's a few pics of me. (Taken just hours after a bout with flu, no less.) This is how I'll wear it next winter while waiting for public transportation.


CathyCate said...

Toby looks very handsome in your creation, but I think you'll get more use out of it.

The first two pictures look like Basenji-eye photos of the leash-holder.

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday night, hooray! It's a true friend who (legally) helps a poor out-of-town Wisconsinite get a YH ticket.

Kay said...

Very good looking on both of you! That's a very patient dog you have.

Anonymous said...

Toby totally needs a sweater, because he looks pretty cute in that neck warmer! Cute enough that I want to take a Benedryl and let him sit on my lap.

Though, I do think it looks better on you ;)

Guinifer said...

Toby looks pretty stunning in it!

Kitt said...

Gorgeous and warm! Sophie covets it, as do I.

Elemmaciltur said...

Well, hello there! Nice to finally "meet" you. ;-) And that neckwarmer is priceless!

Knitted Gems said...

Toby looks very handsome in your new neckwarmer. It's going to be so nice to wear next Fall and Winter. I just love the colors you used.