Tuesday, April 29, 2008

never say never

Here's a pair of koigu socks knit from scraps from a Charlotte's Web shawl:
(These were both pre-blog projects. Shawl was a gift.) They've been great socks. I love the way they've worn over the past 3 years.
Well-- up until yesterday, anyway:

Before I noticed the hole in my sock, I was chatting with uber-sock knitter Holly about how I've never had socks wear out before*... yep, it's o.k. Laugh. After recent wear-outs, she's given up and now is going to use commercial sock yarn (nylon blends) only. I've decided to boycott Rowan Soft 4-ply for now.

Bad Heels! Bad! Bad Rowan 4-ply Soft!

(*I did walk right through my kitchnered toes on my first socks. They don't count-- that was just kitchner gauge incompetence.)


Karen S said...

You could also knit a stronger thin yarn with the softer yarn in the heels and toes to reinforce them. I've done that and it worked beautifully.
it's really too bad, because they look like gorgeous socks. Can't you darn the hole?

Holly said...

Wooly Nylon. A strand of it held along with the sock yarn makes a difference.

Kitt said...

Oh, such a sad sight. I'd definitely go for some sock reinforcement thread for heels and toes.

It comes in lots of different colors, so you can get close to your colorway and it blends in pretty well. Like these.

Liz said...

I think this would be a perfect application for the afterthought heel. You should still get plenty of wear from this pair!

Anonymous said...

All Lang Jawolle sock yarns come with a matching spool of reinforcement yarn. Just sayin'...

soxanne said...

I grieve with you ... and my daughter too, who was devastated yesterday when she discovered she had holes in both heels of her tofutsies socks ... first pair of handknits to wear out (I've only been at it for a few years).

As far as darning, I'll probably do it the Harlot way - say, "Oh darn" over the garbage can and let go.

Next time I use Tofutsies though, I'm using smaller needles to make sure the fabric is stronger. We all have our tricks and tips, to be sure, but socks do wear out if they're used...I say enjoy them while they last and move on to the next pair!

Carolyn said...

Well-loved, well-worn Koigu socks...(sigh). They will be missed.
We keep right on knitting them...

FYI, I tagged you with a meme.
Details here: http://tinyurl.com/4pjz2c

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