Friday, April 4, 2008

Fiber Stash

Yes, certified "work(s) of art" entered my house in the past few months. Deepa likes to keep me honest and often asks for full stash disclosure. So, dear readers-- here it is-- the fiber stash.


Crown (Crack) Mountain Farms released a new set of Blue Faced Leister handpainted roving for Spring. I couldn't resist "American Spirit" below. It's reminiscent of my favorite koigu colorway-

Enchanted Knoll Farms

"Queen Mermaid" batts with a mix of fiber + a dash of sparkle

Cherry Tree Hill roving in potluck colorways, a gift from Cathy

Pigeonroof Studios,

Peony BFL (left), and Hydrangea S. African Fine (right) Mill Ends @ Detta's Spindle

11 oz superwash

"Scrappies" fromVedabliss/Funky Carolina, mixed fiber
More Crack Mountain Farms, Wild Horses superwash merino. (I love this colorway!)
Crack Mtn. passed Toby's sniff tests. (Here, superwash merino in "Pretty woman")Of course, Toby grew bored pretty quickly.

(now with In the Skies, superwash)-right about here the "it's-s000-nice, let's-go-out" whining began. "Enough with the pictures. There are bunnies out there to chase!"

(and chase them he did!)

***for brevity's sake, I left just a few items out. Go to my flickr page for full disclosure.


Knitted Gems said...

Toby just doesn't understand. Wonderfully dyed roving is so much better than silly rabbits.

Anonymous said...

This is why dogs rule. To heck with trashing your stash. Yarn is dull. Let's go outside.

Monika said...

Can I come and sniff your fiber stash too? Please? :o)