Monday, April 28, 2008

being good to yourself (and house)

Over the weekend new windows were put in, and they are great! It was a little painful to pull out Oak and replace with Vinyl due to cost-- but the cold draft in the living room and bathroom is gone! (The house is well-insulated, but the previous windows were not.)

I'll never have to carry heavy window parts around again-- and paint/caulk/re-screen/re-glass the storms and screens on a bi-annual basis. (I gave up on this effort last fall.)

So, here they are:

My dad's friends put the windows in, and I swear he must have uttered the phrase, "don't worry, my daughter will clean that up" at least 20 times. My house was clean on Thursday, and absolutely filthy when they were done. It would take two minutes to clean your boots, guys. I spent a good 2.5+ hours sweeping, vacuuming & mopping the floors/rugs. Argh!

One of my duties over the weekend was to clean up clutter on all surfaces. Yeah, that happened all right. (I'm knitting here, but you just can't see it.)
In other exciting house news, the upstairs bathroom toilet was replaced. It's soo exciting that I'll skip a photo for this one...


Uncle Sam owed me a bit of cash after my yearly taxes were filed. Instead of being a responsible adult and invest further for retirement, I purchased a few lovely items:

Shoes: Dansko Lotus in Pomegranate.
As some of you know, I'm a partial amputee. All of my shoes are purchased through Nordstroms at no extra cost for different sizes. (Bless them for making me and other "Intentionally Mixed Mate" purchasers their tax write-off!)
Do they make you think 'tulip', or is that just me?

Smart Phone: Treo 755
My 2 year contract was up, and my
brother J found a fantastic deal that I couldn't refuse.

Spinning Wheel: Rick Reeves 19" Wheel Frame.
(now completely paid for!)
Man, I love this wheel.
It's been at my house for a few months now, and it spins wonderfully.

Ok, I've done my part to boost the economy. Time to start saving again!


CathyCate said...

Oh, the Reeves is totally yours now! Fantastic! All tuned up and spinning well?

The windows (and floor and surfaces) look fantastic. Where did all the socks on needles go?

No, just teasing, I know because you told us -- the yarnoire!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that tv screen looks suspiciously like the scene from the recent Desperate Housewives in which Susan confronts Orson about how he ran Mike down...

Guinifer said...

I did NOT know about the partial amputee part - I did know about Nordstroms and shoes - my friends daughter needs two different size because of wearing a brace. Those shoes are gorgeous!

Holly said...

The windows do look lovely, lots of light is really nice.

Wonderful hardwood floors - and so clean.

You want to come and clean my place with its ugly government carpets?

And the wheel - how about a picture of the other side of the wheel as well?

Knitted Gems said...

Your new shoes and wheel are divine! I'm envious ... and oh, so tempted to buy myself a wheel when the federal checks come in.

Ellen said...

I hope you saved some money for Shepherd's Harvest!

Juli said...

Where did you find that great wheel?? I am searching for one myself...