Thursday, August 9, 2007


Sockapalooza 4 Pal revealed!
A perfectly square package from Germany was delivered to my door yesterday from my SP4 pal Holly. The box utilized every last square centimeter of space. Here's the thoughtful and overly generous contents: Thank you, Holly!
The superwash wool/nylon on the left has a really wonderful feel, and the Regia Silk- gorgeous! Included is a pack of pastel food color dye, and three "happy catch" toys for Toby and Paco. (sorry for the poor lighting from last night)

The socks are truly original, and laden with cables and twisted stitches with heart motifs. Heart-a-Palooza, indeed! They're ribbed all over the place, and certainly would have fit a number of foot sizes. As you can see, I do have two differently sized feet. (To find out why, see below). My pail knit both a left and right sock to accommodate each foot.
The detail work is really lovely. The clog (patterned) heel heart motifs on the heel are reversed, and are used on the sock's insteps. I've never seen toe decreases like this before, and I think they're quite attractive on the foot.

Warning: next photo not for the squeamish

I've been thinking about taking part in a sock exchange for a while, but always avoided it because of the obvious...

The accident happened when I was a child, and there has been very little repercussion in my adult life.

Most people never notice, although each time I post a picture of socks modeled on my feet I wonder... Do people see the difference? Do they wonder why the left foot is usually shown more than the right?

Of course, the only person that has directly said anything about the size difference was a MN State Fair judge last year. She wrote: "Are you aware that there are many more stitches on one of your socks?" It's a little funny, actually. Should I have slipped in a Polaroid of my feet upon submission? I think not.

Once I discovered that Nordstrom will sell a pair of shoes with different sizes for the original price, I donated all of my old pairs and started a new shoe wardrobe! If you know of anyone in the same situation, please let them know. They'll ship a pair of shoes anywhere in the US for $5.

...and Holly, the dogs loved their toys. Thanks again!


Elemmaciltur said...

Never noticed about this before. Thanks for sharing!

fluffbuff said...

Ouch! That must have hurt a lot and it must have been scary, too. It's good to hear that it's not affecting your adult life beyond the logistics of buying shoes and knitting socks. :)

Guinifer said...

I never would have noticed - color me oblivious! The socks are truly lovely (as are the pups!)

Jess said...

What a great package! Those socks are wonderful. I hadn't noticed anything unusual about your foot, to be honest. I imagine that must've been a very painful accident and recovery. Good to know about Nordstrom's! My grandma has feet of different sizes due to a club foot, so I will point her toward them if she doesn't have someplace else that does the same deal.

Lisa said...

Had never noticed. Did you explain to the judge? (would have shown your ability to adjust/fit a pattern in a very specific way)

Isobel said...

The socks are gorgeous - they look great on your feet - very Christmassy and old world. If you had mentioned your foot I doubt if anyone would have noticed a difference, thank you for sharing, very brave. Puppies look like they had a fun time with the new toys - lucky ducks. Socks and yarn in the same box, very sock knitters dream.

BertandFelix said...

The socks are gorgeous! Never noticed the different sizes in your feet. Good tip on Nordstrom's though. They are great with customer service!!

Diane said...

What a great exchange package! Something for everyone including the dogs. Those are some beautiful socks!