Monday, August 20, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Minnesota has had a dramatic weather change in the past few days.
We went from 90+ degree days to fall-like 60s and a huge whallop of rain. Unfortunatly, Southeastern Minnesota was hit rather hard, I hope local bloggers, like Cathy at Hither and Yarn are o.k.
Como Saturday morning knitters were visibly upset as they thought about dropping their cotton and acrylic blends for 100% wool. We thought that Amanda's preparation for the new season was giggle worthy. Check out her ribbed tunic flanked by a cable-ribbed red cardi, and her oh-so-matchy and just finished oatmeal ribbed sweetheart sweater.
Last week I was on about Wollmeise, gorgeous Wollmeise. There'll be more in the near future!
The Pomatomus socks from the last post will be a gift, and I worried that they might be too small. So, they're just past the heel turn and are visiting the giftee for try-on mode,
and I'm onto another sock:
See what happens in the middle of monsoon season? Crappy sock photos!
I really like these new ones- but you certainly can't tell what they look like from the photo!!! The yarn is Trekking XXL in the "Berries" colorway, undulating rib from an old IK pattern,
78 stitches on the cuff and 72 around the foot.
Perhaps when the sun comes out I can take an accurate photo.

Sock yarn follow-up: the Junior High Eyeshadow socks (JHEs) in Posh's Lucia are holding up really well. I've worn & washed them about 7 times, and they're not showing signs of wear. I had feared that they would be bedsocks only-- but they're really tough! Who knew merino/cashmere socks could be this fantastic when it comes to wear?


CathyCate said...

My family & house are OK -- 300 cars stalled in La Crosse (NOT a big city!) and were left in intersections, on lawns, etc. during the 'urban flash flooding', but other than power outages and flooded basements, that's about it for flood problems right here in the city. However, La Crosse is partially cut off and many rural communities completely cut off due to highway closures -- two nearby rivers at record high levels, bridges out, mudslides in the river bluffs, a house that slid onto the highway a couple miles south of me -- miraculously, no one significantly hurt there. La Crosse itself and the Mississippi River are fine, but I know so many people in SE Minnesota (many work in La Crosse) who are OK but stranded without electricity, water, phone, or the ability to leave their house because all the highways are closed. Cell phones don't even work in some of those valleys, so friends of mine are still waiting to hear from their family & friends isolated in those areas. My coworker's family's business in a small Minnesota town is apparently completely underwater at the moment. But for the most part, those who didn't try to drive through water are fine and staying put if their house is not immediately threatened. What's scary is that intermittent thunderstorms are predicted for the next 4 days. The ground is already completely saturated, which leads to the mudslides -- rarely a problem around here in the past.
Remember, don't try and drive through what looks like a big puddle in a heavy rain -- that's what happened to many people here, and some lost their life as a result. The lucky ones just got a drenching as they had to walk away from their stalled cars. It's very tempting to think that it's just a few inches deep and you can get through, but the decision can lead to tragedy, as only 6 inches of apparently slowly moving water can knock you off your feet, and 18 inches can take your car with it. And the road may be washed out, and the 'puddle' deeper than it appears. Be safe!
And yes, Deb, on a lighter note, my pictures right now are kind of suboptimal, not to say 'sucky', too!

Anonymous said...

What, are you saying that camera phone pictures are crappy? I don't think yours are particularly bad...

Elemmaciltur said...

Luvly socks! I'm drawn to red lately...weird. :-p

Stacey said...

very nice socks. the weather did a bit of that here too - 90 and humid to 65 and cold!!!!

deepa said...

I'm delighted the Posh socks are wearing so well!