Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'cause a girl needs another hobby

Thanks to Miss Marge, a foreign object has found it's way into my house. She's a stubborn wee thing at times, but she does the trick. Ahem. Perhaps I'm the stubborn one as I try to force the wheel to spin as I think it should! Each time I start to spin a new kind of fiber I have to play with the knobs to get enough/or lesson the 'suck' from the intake.

See? I'm really new at this. I have no idea what to call anything.
I kinda feel like a kindergartener--
and I like it.

During the past two nights I've spun these many bits of roving into very energetic singles on two bobbins. (Approx. 7.5 oz. total) With a successful plying lesson tomorrow (hopefully)-- I plan to show you my first finished handspun on Friday!


Erik Schimek said...

Hobby. Hrmm.

Have you considered building a potato cannon?

Jess said...

Squee! I was wondering about the roving I spotted in your Ravelry stash.

You know about the spinning group that meets at The Fiber Studio on the first Sunday of the month, right? You HAVE to come next month.

Kat said...

How exciting! I took up spinning in September last year, and I absolutely LOVE it!

CathyCate said...

You had too much floor space, too. And needed more yarn, so you have to spin it yourself.

I am looking forward to seeing just what energetic singles look like!

I have some CTH superwash wool roving in assorted colors that I got on eBay in times past, thinking I'd use it in the future for needle felting -- not really absorbing the superwash part of the description. Duh; superwash won't felt. Don't know how it is to spin but it's yours if you want it; I can bring it up in February.

Guinifer said...

Very, very brave. I want a potato cannon.

Stacey said...

How exciting! Cant' wait to see your first spinning!!!!