Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: My Year in Knits

2007 was a first year of blogging, and a first year of recording exactly
what you can knit in 365 days.

Most recent projects are on the top left, and earliest projects of the year start at bottom right. The first nine images are unfinished, and will be following me into the new year.
* The largest project: Lizard Ridge.
* The most exciting? Wild Apples Bohus! (a Work In Progress)
* Number of gifts: 12
* Realization: I'm primarily a sock knitter.

In 2007 I laid out rather strict "yarn freeze" goals. Honestly, I failed miserably. (Lizard Ridge pushed me off the wagon!) Only goals 2, 3, and 4 were met.

During 2008, I'm going to try to reach the following goals:

1. End the year with less stash.
2. Start a healthier lifestyle.
* Eat breakfast * Go to bed earlier * Greatly limit Splenda & Equal in diet
* Begin weight training & yoga regimen
* Use bike as much as I did 3 years ago.
3. Buy knitting tools, magazines, patterns, and books as desired.
4. Finish at least three sweaters including the Wild Apple Bohus & Erik's cabled pullover.
5. Continue to knit through or frog UFOs & thin out the sock drawer of shame!

Happy knitting to all in the new year!


Deepa said...

Nice gallery. You know there's one thing there that gets used *all the time*! To lots of compliments. Thank you.

Karen said...

Debra - you do beautiful work and SO colorful. I really like how you made all you creations into a sort of mosaic collage of lusciousness. Nice to have found your blog.

Stacey said...

very beautiful projects!! sounds like you have some great knitting and personal goals for the next year!

OzWeaver said...

Well, thanks for your encouragement for me to start a Bohus (message you left on my blog)! I've come to take a look at your Wild Apple, and of course, it's BEAUTIFUL!

I also had a good laugh at your resolutions of "strict yarn diet" which I had also for myself last year and failed miserably! If I succumb to a Bohus, it will foster more nelgected UFOs, more neglected stash, and a little shopping spree for appropriate yarn for the "large collar" which is the one that makes me weak!

Thanks for sharing your lovely work!