Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Let the Freeze begin!

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***WARNING: Exceedingly dull reading ahead for non-knitters!

Last year I inventoried and organized my yarn stash. How could you describe it? Oh, scary at minimum*. Six months ago if I chose to not buy any more yarn and knit at a quick pace, it could all be used in 33 months. Yes, 33 months. …and I kept buying! So dear friends, we’re looking at approximately four years’ worth of yarn in my house. Blame Webs, blame yarn enablers, perhaps we could even blame Canada. Sure, it may have a great “R” factor… but, I have a problem. Any non-knitter knows that I’ve entered the ‘crazy knitting’ stage. I MUST knit stash yarn!!!

Enter Ten Items for 2007:
Knitting Goals, a Yarn Freeze, (and yes) Loopholes

1. Do not buy any more yarn. *repeat* Do not buy any more yarn.
2. Tools can be purchased if needed.
3. Patterns may be acquired if deemed absolutely gorgeous and one couldn’t possibly continue to live without them.
4. Complete a fair-isle project.
5. Finish three previously started sweaters.
6. Work on one long-forgotten UFO each month. I don’t have to finish it, but I must work on it or rip it out if the love is lost.
7. Loophole A: After knitting three pairs of socks (not six socks, but matching pairs) I can buy 100g of sock yarn.
8. Loophole B: Yarn can be purchased during a project emergency where more yarn is needed. (exceedingly rare)
9. Loophole C: Up to four skeins of “decoration yarn” may be purchased.
10. Loophole D: ONE sweater’s worth of yarn may be purchased if a fabulous deal comes along—especially if it’s denim yarn.

*another knitter saw my stash around inventory time and said, "Is that it???"

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deepa said...

I am SO going to hold you to that UFO per month commitment. Heh.