Thursday, January 18, 2007

January's UFO

Just a few weeks ago I promised to clean up one UFO each month-- I'll either work to complete something, or the piece would end up in the frog pond.

Sure, I've chosen a pretty simple one this month-- another anklet for mom.

The first anklet (Trekking XXL #36, and Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool* for toes & heels) was completed the day before I galevanted around the Twin Cities for the Shop Hop Treasure Hunt.

Low and behold, the yarn was missing from my bag. I called each and every store-- no yarn. I emailed my car-mate-- no yarn. Louise even offered to give me her skein!

Thank goodness I didn't have to take her up on her generous offer as the skein did show-- in a completely unexpected place-- someone's home I hadn't visited in months! (How is this possible????)

So, this is now lunch-time knitting with the ladies at work. (I taught anyone on the floor who was interested to knit. They're graduating to Fiber Trend's felt clogs next week!)

Toby wishes you all a great weekend!
*Although not marketed as such, Silky Wool can be washed on gentle/cold with fabulous results.


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Oh, that's good you found the yarn. These anklets are cute!

Diane said...

Love the ankle socks. What a sweet little face Toby has.

KnitnZu said...

Hi Debra, thanks for visiting me too! I haven't made those clogs, but I DO have the pattern and the yarn...they are on my definitely to do list. You gotta love those 1930's and 40's DRESSES or skirts and jackets made on SIZE ONE needles! Ugh! (

Kathy said...

I have a skein of that exact Trekking yarn. If you hadn't found yours you could have had mine -- the only way I will ever knit it is if I double-strand it with something else. Size 0 needles are too small for my attention span ;-)

Thanks for the Silky Wool washing tip. I just finished a scarf of it and hand-washing is another thing that doesn't fit my attention span.

jackie said...

hey debra! thanks for visiting my blog and admiring my hat (which i have completely ripped out and redone, by the way--just waiting to get a good picture on the little girl's head!) the pattern is the umbrella hat in leigh radford's one skein book. the yarn is malabrigo in sapphire green. the hat is quick and awesome to knit--i've made it a few times. :)

ps--your puppies are adorable!