Friday, January 12, 2007


In honor of National Delurking Week, I'm asking you to speak up. Let me know who is reading this tiny fish of a blog in the massive knit-blog sea out there.

Leave a message and tell me something about yourself, your favorite knitting technique(s), or something random and facinating about the world at large-- and I'll enter you in a contest for a wee bit of knitting swag.

The person who leaves my favorite comment will receive a skein of Austermann Step sock yarn, colorway "gras" 03, a set of handmade millefiori stitch markers, and I'm sure I'll throw a little chocolate in the mix. The second prize will be chosen at random.

Leave your comments by midnight on Tuesday, 1/16/07. I'll announce winners the following day.

****Yarn is not from a pet-free home. Two basenjis life near the Yarnoire (tm). [an armoire just for yarn] In theory they have very little pet dander and are great for allergy-stricken people, but clearly could be the cause of a horrid reaction for some.


deepa said...

I comment all the time, so you know I read your blog! Is the sock yarn the one with the jojoba or whatever?

I'm not allergic to those African hounds T & P, quite the contrary. But then you knew that too. ;)

Hope you get lots of comments!

Guinifer said...

I'm not actually de-lurking - and I really don't need any more stash - I just wanted to raise my hand to let you know I visited. Also, love the Basenji's. Hope you get lots of visiters. Did you send Chris & Chaos a note to let her know you are having a contest? She usually posts a link.

tar said...

Hi! I am a Portuguese knitter, my blog is , and an interesting thing about me is that I knit using a less usual technique called Portuguese Purl!

Knittymama said...

I'm not actually de-lurking since this is my first visit. (I'm catching up on the MN knit-ring) I was trying to think of something great to say since I do love sock yarn and have yet to try the Aus. Step, but it's Friday, my brain is fried so all I've got is:

Hi! Great blog! I'll be back:-)

(I'm a clever one, aren't I??)

Chris said...

Hmm, a favorite knitting technique... I never use a slip knot for the start of a long tail cast on - I simply twist the yarn and start that way.

That's pretty boring... Oh well, today's cold snap has sucked all the clever out of my brain. :)

louise said...

Hi Deb
I read your blog since I found out where it is...

The Preemie hats are going to United and Childrens in St Paul.

Kathy said...

I'm not delurking, I'm shamelessly commenting just to get into your contest.

Hmmm, what to say.

When I came home from work today I found that my husband and sons and installed the Maytag front-loader washer we inherited from my MIL several years ago and which had been lurking in our garage ever since. To their additional credit, they had removed the 30-year-old Whirlpool it replaced; it was already loaded into the van for its final trip to Goodwill. My first thought, unfortunately, was not, "Oh, how wonderful! I have an almost-new washer!" No, I thought, "Damn, where am I going to felt stuff now?!"

Carrie said...

Greetings to a fellow MN knit blogger! I hope on a weekend like this you're staying warm inside with a little knitting on the needles.

I'll leave you with something in each category:

My dog is my best friend ;-)
I love to felt
Flossing IS necessary

Yarnoire...that's genius!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

I'm a new reader... just found your blog through an email on the TCKnit list. :) One of my favorite techniques is something I learned last year, how to knit backwards. I'm also a sock yarn addict.

Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

Officially delurking here.

I am a 54 y.y. widow who's lived all over the world and finally settled in the mountains of Appalachian Virginia.

My favorite knitting technique is lace knitting, the teensier the needle and yarn, the more complex the better.

My greatest life achievement is the small contributions I made in helping my daughter become the awesome woman and friend that she is. My daughter...who last month went from a lifetime of *Why do I have to learn to knit? You can and do make me whatever I want.* to *I think I'd like to learn to knit kitty blankets for the local shelter.* After I picked myself up off the floor, I taught her!

Jess said...

I wouldn't say I'm delurking since I just found your blog from a post you made on the MNKnit Yahoo Group. I'm glad to "see" you again :-)

Hmm, I'm not sure what sort of informational tidbit I should share with you... Maybe I'll just go with my favorite knitting technique - it'd have to be the socks (or other items of small circumference) on two circular needles. I've always had trouble keeping DPNs in my work and rarely have that problem with circulars.

I don't have a Blogger blog, but I'm at - You know me ;-)

ikkinlala said...

I'm delurking, but I've only been lurking for a few days. I had a good laugh at the picture of Paco wearing the hat.

I'm not very good at describing myself and I can't think of anything that I'd consider my favourite knitting technique, so that leaves random facts.

I don't suppose you want to hear about my abstract algebra homework. Neither do I, really, but it's what I should be doing right now. But I'm sure I'll need to fold laundry soon, so that gives me an excuse to spend a few minutes on the internet, right?

Instead of math, here are a few things I've learned outside of class lately: Louis Agassiz developed the idea of ice ages, roasted cauliflower makes delicious soup, and the Internet Archive has recordings of concerts as well as its internet documentation.

Kat said...

Hello from Michigan - Stumbling Over Chaos sent me here to say hello!

Happy Delurking! ;-)

OzKnitter said...

Hi, I'm an Aussie knitter. It's already tomorrow here, so if you're interested, the winning lottery numbers are 5, 14, 21, 22, 27 & 32. [Keep it between us though, then we can split the jackpot ;o)]

Love the package you got from Cara.

Lisa said...

I'll be honest...I stumbled across you from Chris' blog...I used to blog...but life has a way of it's own and now I just don't have time. I've just begun to get back to even READING blogs. The passion for knitting/blogging isn't over for me...but there are only so many hours in a day!

So, a tiny useless fact about me: My other passion is bellydance, and I'd like to marry my two passions together and learn to knit with sequins, bead etc to knit a fabulous costume!

Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Hmmm let's see...favorite knitting technique....I don't know if it is more of a philosohy than a technique. My motto is mediocrity and if I screw up a pattern, I just keep plugging along and I almost never wear any of my handknits in front of other knitters unless they are felted items ;)

Diane said...

Waving hi from CT. My fav knitting technique is "find the yarn in the morning." It's fairly easy to play. Goes like this. Finish knitting for the night (usually a pair of socks in progress). Put the item down on the love seat cushion and go to bed. In the morning wake up, go downstairs and try to find where the ball of yarn is hiding. All you have to do it follow the yarn from the sock in progress on the love seat to the ball hiding somewhere in the great room.

I have 3 cats who are usually fast asleep so I can only assume a ghost or yarn gnome is responsible for this.

Kenyetta said...

I was directed here by Chris too, she sends me to a lot of interesting sites- your included.
My favorite technique is now sock knitting, and for years I was terrified of the thought- I think it was the tiny needles!
My two dogs, leave their little strands allover my yarn too, although I wish I had a yarnoire...maybe for my birthday on Friday??!!

KnitnZu said...

Hey Debra, found you via Chris, and like her (?or another Chris?) I don't do slip knots. Do those basenjis really not bark? I have lived with dogs that I've threatened (in jest) with's a great word, sing it to them, they like it! Not of course MY dogs! Pics of them on my blog. My blogger account is not active, I'm at

Karen said...

Found you thru Stumbling Over Chaos... I'm a junior high counselor and I'm teaching some of the boys at my school to knit. What a trip! My goal this year is to learn to knit socks. I've only been knitting for 2 years.

allergicmom said...

My favourite technique is the turkish cast-on for socks. I can't believe how easy it is, and how nice it looks.

My much more interesting comment is to leave you an amazing link to two guys who wanted to know what's behind Niagara Falls. Yikes!

RC said...

HI - Stumbling Over Chaos sent me! I'm not deluking since I just found you, but now have you in my bloglines and will be back!
I LOVE Austermann Step and Dogs too!

sillyewe said...

Well...I am reading your little fish of a blog...and in honor of the little fish, a couple of fish facts....or at least wet animals. ;0)
1. In Michigan it is illegal to chain an alligator to a fire hydrant.
2. Catfish have tastebuds on their whiskers.
3. The blind cavefish is born with eyes, but they fall off as the fish grows.

JennyRaye said...

Be still my heart~~STR in G-Rocks! How cool is that!!!

Just came upon your blog, so I guess, technically, I'm not delurking, but since we have very similar tastes in yarn, I'm sure I'll be back. So glad you guys in MN finally got some snow. Here in VA we are still looking for winter. While the fuel bill is great, I am hating this weather!

Something about knitting technique--well, I knit continental and have just recently discovered that my gauge varies wildly when knitting stockinette flat. Knit row is tight, purl row is loose. So loose it is quite noticeable in the fabric I produce. I won't go into anymore of the gory details, for those you can check out my blog.

I'll be back (she says in her best Terminator voice).

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm delurking! My name is Erin, aka The Curly Knitter. My favorite color is green and I love knitting small felted bags. I like quick one skein projects. It is fun, instant gratification. It also helps break up the time spent on larger projects. I don't think I have a "favorite technique" but plan to try my hand at fair isle this year. Have fun with your contest! =)

--Deb said...

Yes, I'm here thanks to Chris, too. so like some of the others, I'm not actually de-lurking so much as introducing myself. I named my blog for my dog--a sweetheart of a Boykin Spaniel named Chappy. I don't know if I have a favorite knitting technique, but I do love the Turkish cast-on for socks, and always do short-row heels using P.G-S's yarn overs rather than wraps, because I absolutely hate trying to pick up purl-side wraps in sock yarn. I also almost always have to rework the numbers in patterns I make because my gauge is almost always so much looser than what's called for. No idea why, it just is, but at least I get to knit with fewer stitches, so things theoretically go faster. Anyway, it was nice stopping by and you have a lovely place here!

gina.d said...

Hello Deb, I am de-lurking! I live in Canada on Vancouver Island. Right now we have about 5 inches of snow, which is very unusual for us, (what is going on with Mother Earth? egads). I have been knitting for over 30 years (my aunt taught me when I was young) and have to confess... I have never knit a gauge swatch! Love your blog,
Take care,

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

A contest you say??? Well...let's see.....I'm a fairly new sock knitter who lives in Alabama. I don't have a lot of free time to knit as I am self employed...which is great in that I get to choose my own in which 16-18 hours per day I want to work!! LOL!! I don't have a particular technique at this point as I have only made a few very basic socks but I am SOOOO hooked on socks!! I do enjoy using two circulars when knitting socks and plan to learn how to make toe up socks. I am owned by one Miniature Schnauzer which is currently recuperating from yet another bladder stone surgery....ouch!!

I'm bookmarking your blog...GREAT!!

Andi said...

Hmmm… I'm not really de-lurking since I did that about 5 months ago when I joined the Knitting Blogs Ring. I found you thru Stumbling over Chaos.
But let's see, I love to knit, I just don't love to finish. This is illustrated on my blog where I show all 14 of my WIPs/UFOs.
And I have never knit socks. It's out there, I know.

Stariel said...

All this de-lurking is making me comment more! Well, hmm, I'd have to say my fave knitting technique is magic loop, which I use all the time for socks. Yay socks!