Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Check your inbox!

Congratulations to contest winners! You have received an email-- so check those inboxes. One winner is from the mighty Midwest (blogless), and one winner lives in the South.

Project information from yesterday's post:

Pattern: chevron rib (see stitch pattern below)
Yarn: koigu kpppm and gems merino (stash)
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs sz US 1
Dates: ??? 2006 to Sunday January 14, 2007
-Toe box (toe-up), Lucy Neatby's automatic garter-style heel
-tight gauge (per usual)
-garter rib/eyelet/picot edge
-nearly all of two koigu skeins were used. (approx 1.5 yds left)

R1: *yo, k2, ssk, k2, p2*
R2: *ktbl, k5, p2*
R3: *k2, k2tog, k2, yo, p2*
R4: *k5, ktbl, p2*

Toby is begging for play time. Have a great night knitters!

1 comment:

Guinifer said...

That is definitely a "Play with me" face.
Thanks for the stitch info - I'll have to see if I can adapt it to my top-down style!