Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Koigu sock
Originally uploaded by bedeedi.
Yes, the koigu socks were finished this weekend. One pair of socks down, two more to go until I can buy sock yarn. Woo!

(I'll post a pic with both tomorrow).


KnitnZu said...

very nice! And i like the reverse stockinette. very cute boys...are their little feet cold in the winter weather? Did you make THEM booties? Nice snow pics too.

Brenda said...

Nice sock! I really like the colors in that pattern. I hope you can buy more sock yarn soon.

Guinifer said...

I love the purple in that sock.
What is the pattern?

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

WOW!! I won the Milleflori stitch markers!!! (Are you SURE....because I have NEVER won anything!!!)...Thank you so VERY much!!! I can't wait to receive the markers....especially as I am working on a sweater and are currently using bits of left over yarn and plastic 0 rings as markers!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

deepa said...

That Koigu colorway is so amazing. Beautiful socks. I can't wait to see your waving lace when they're done. Ooops, hope I'm not giving anything away...:)