Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Found photo & poem

In Arabia it was…
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Warning: Absolutely no knitting content below. I'm on a seaming break, folks. 20/23 seams complete on LR.

Ten years ago I traveled in North Africa for six months. How facinating, years later, to see so very little of the majority of Arabian society presented through major US media circuts. Negativity and terror prevail.

Without a doubt, most of the people I met were wonderfully kind and hospitable folk who were absolutely facinated with blue eyes, golden hair, and skin so light that one could trace blue veins nearly to the owner's heart.

In Arabia it was…
Let me for a moment
Take a break from this world
I need time to cherish
To remember the times I had
On those dunes when walking
Across the desert-sea exploring
I can almost sense the feeling
When first my feet sank in…

The warm sand pouring
When held in my hands
The fresh breeze gliding
Through my face
Whispering my ears
My eyes started glittering
My dream was blooming

..and then I fell in love
With Arabia and its people
Its wonderful exploration
Its magical sensation
Its remarkable admiration

Let me for a moment
Return to that land
Let me for a moment
Feel the sand in my hand

- BidWiya 1 Oct '05


Amy said...

Oooo...I would have loved to have had that experience.

deepa said... so light that one could trace blue veins nearly to the owner's heart...

That's some kick-butt poetry there, girlfriend! Love the poem and the sentiment- thanks for sharing.