Friday, March 9, 2007

Mooney Eyes

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Paco and his 'Mooney Eyes' may say it best-- Thanks to everyone who donated Kureyon yarn to the Lizard Ridge afghan! (Joan, Jean, Deepa, and Mom!)

The last square will be blocked tomorrow afternoon!!!!

Unfortunately, not all of the seaming/edging yarn has arrived yet. Peruvian wool was ordered from both Elann and Knit Picks. Elann not only followed up with a thank-you email and a handwritten note, but shipped the yarn from Canada to Minnesota in only three days! The Knit Picks yarn was ordered on the same day as Elann (last Thursday, 7 shipping days ago). I'm hoping that KP arrives tomorrow at the latest.

Deepa's Rosedale truly highlights the color of the last square in the blanket. What fun!

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Erik said...

"1. Do not buy any more yarn. *repeat* Do not buy any more yarn."