Sunday, March 18, 2007

Twisted Sisters and Stitches

Last January I started with a UFO goal- work on or rip out one project per month. In February Lizard Ridge unfortunately lead to an abandoned Patrick (He's still on deck, post LR). March, however, was a different story:

This was a mini-clapotis in Twisted Sister's Petite Voodoo, a dk-weight 50/50 silk and merino yarn. I thought I'd knit an 'office width' clapotis. Due to the edge curling, I just never liked it. Clapotis is meant to be a large, flowing scarf/shawl-- and (at least for me) did not translate well into a significantly thinner knit.
Voodoo is a great yarn. It should make a lovely lacey scarf- the verigation is mild enough to work well with patterning.
After seeing Kay's Argosy Wrap, I'm thinking this might be a good fit. Clapotis-esque, yet I can block the heck out of it to make a thinner scarf that won't curl too much. Perhaps another lace pattern would be a better match? At any rate, the knit-from yarn will need to take a little bath in the near future to get it's bounce back!

Twisted Stitches: A few weeks ago the books on the left arrived at my door. Yes, the long-awaited Uberlieferte Strickmuster aus dem Steirischen Ennstal (Traditional Knitting Patterns from the Enns Valley of Styria) by Maria Ehlbacher was sequestered via Marjan at Yarnissima! Thanks again, Marjan for the head's up!!! As some of you know, I've been looking around the globe for months to find them.
#3 was not for sale. It will come someday. I can feel it.
I also purchased New Style of Heirloom Knitting. Take a peek over at Crossed in Translation (a 2006 KAL) to see why!

If you're interested in --or unfortunately obsessed like me with-- twisted stiches, Liesl Fanderl's series is a thorough anthology- and is much easier to find than Maria Ehlbacher's out of print books.


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

WTG on getting some of these Ehlbachers! :)

Erik said...

Those books look familiar ... hrm ...

Guinifer said...

It is a testament to persistence that you found those books!!

Susan said...

I have a lovely pattern for a wrap that I got for free and I am going to try to make... if you would like I could email it to you.

Let me know.