Friday, March 16, 2007

Just a bit of time

Seaming. Ahh, yes. Seaming.

For me, seaming occurs in a vacuum of time. What? An hour has flown by, and I've only seamed this much??? Truly, it takes just *forever*-- that is, when I'm doing it!

I'm using the "invisible" seam from the Knitter's Handbook. You can easily see the seam between the yellow and orange block and between the purple and dark green waves. Each row will need a little blocking around the seamed area to encourage some waving action.

On the bright side, LR is finally becoming one complete piece-- and I'm still loving it. This is the first really large project I've knit where I haven't been bored out of my mind half-way through. It's a great project. Go for it!

1 comment:

Diane said...

Definately don't worry about how much time it's taking you to seam. Better to go slowly and make it perfect. It's gonna look wonderful when you are done.