Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Rescue Dogs

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Since there has been some traffic today from JenLa's contest*, keep reading if you're interested in Toby and Paco's history-- and why you should consider adopting and/or rescuing your next pet.

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He was the runt of his litter. Toby was passed over at his original AKC seller (puppy farm), and was sold as an older hypoglycemic puppy via pet store in Burnsville, MN. Unfortunately, the woman who originally purchased him suffers from severe mental illness. Toby was neglected and lived in a home with eleven other pets. When this woman moved to Michigan, I purchased Toby from her directly and kept his original name. I had never heard of a Basenji before, a barkless dog from Africa, and after a week of adjustment he has been a great dog. Quirky, yes... but aren't we all? (Toby likes to run in counter-clockwise circles!)

Toby's original owner begged for his return a year later. I refused and she purchased another dog. Six months afterward, she asked me to take the second dog! I helped her find a new dog parent at that time.

Eighteen months ago Toby was up at my family's cabin with a number of dogs. (My parent's dog, cousin's, neighbor's, etc.) we let them out to run and play together. At the same time the neighbor was running late for work... and hit Toby. His pelvis and left femur were in peices. After two surgeries at the U of MN, he has recovered fabulously. He's a true sweetheart, and has been through plenty in a mere four and a half years!

He was picked up by the dog pound in Cloquet, MN. At the time he as about a year or a year and a half. Bone thin, full of fleas, intestinal troubles, aggressive behavior-- and (this is what got me), he ran in clockwise circles! Clearly he had been on the streets for at least a few months. He was found in October, so at least it was warm-ish outside. I've often wondered where he came from before he was collected by the city.

I found Paco online at Basenji Rescue and Petfinder. There are a number of other agencies that connect rescue dogs with homes. After adoption, Paco was a mess for a number of months. He was often sick, was 'naughty' when left alone (he ripped up a couch- decimated yarn- destroyed some clothes- you know, the regular stuff...), and was aggressive toward Toby. (Toby returned the favor by peeing on his kennel!) On the positive side, Paco always wanted as much attention and affection from humans as possible. After the transition period he has been nothing but a loving, sweet dog. Toby and Paco live very well together, and are truly like brothers.

Rescuing a pet isn't easy. You may loose a couch or your favorite angora sweater, but it's worth it!


La said...

I completely agree!

Trixie was a rescue dog, and we're finally getting her adjusted. She showed some aggressive tendencies, but, between obedience school, constant socialization, and the cat bouncing Trixies head off the tile floor, she's curbed that.

I can't say enough for rescuing a pound puppy! They truly are amazing animals, if given love, care and patience.

Carrie said...

What a great thing you did by rescuing these two boys.
You are the best doggie mommy!!!

lorinda said...

We rescued all our cats--two Bengals and one american short hair. I wish we had room enough for more; we love our kitties!

My coworker in Michigan had a Basenji. They are so cute.

Guinifer said...

Thanks for the story behind your two lovely dogs. You do have some truly beautiful photos of the "guys".

rita said...

I don't know you, but I love you. Anyone who rescues dogs with sad pasts is an angel in my book.

I'm a member of the United Yorkie Rescue Organization, which is where I attained my little Zippy. He's definitely not Yorkie, more like a Wannabe, but he's mine.

deepa said...

T and P are great, but you are a special person for giving them room in your heart and home. I remember you were considering some other name for Paco...but Paco suits him perfectly.

I have to remember to bring some peanut butter organic doggie biscuits for them next Wednesday.

deepa said...
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Diane said...

Rescue animals do take a little more time and effort but they are so worth it. 3 spoiled rotten rescue cats in my house ; they trained me well. lol