Monday, March 5, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

The snow continued to fall all day Friday, and I stayed home from work. It was nice to have such an unexpected chunk of time to knit.

Lizard Ridge on Friday afternoon. 16 squares. 2/3 complete:

Fast-forward to sleepy Sunday. JenLa is hosting a "show your Paws" contest (DeFeet of Cuteness), and I can't stop from entering ! If Toby and Paco were your pets, could you resist taking these photos?

More photos can be viewed via flickr:

LR by mid-day on Sunday. 5/6 complete. [*sans seaming and edging!] I should be done with the squares by this Friday!

Jeanne at K3tog asked this weekend how many colorways have been used-- so I counted. 13 so far.


notscarlett7 said...

I just came over from JenLa to see your paw pics, and I am in love with your pups! I am crazy about basenjis...I have two basenji mixes and got really interest in the breed after adopting them. Love your pics!

Birdsong said...

Me too! They get my vote.. I grew up with Basenjis and they rate high on my list. I was especially intrigued with Lizard Ridge though.. what a great, fun adventure.

Jeanne said...

Ah...there you are! You mentioned having a blog this past weekend, but I didn't get the details...

Margaret said...

Such cute paws! Nice Lizard Ridge too!