Friday, July 27, 2007

German Obsession

All right. I'll admit it. I've had a bit of a German yarn obsession for months. It started with Wollmeise in January, then Kauni popped up (for me) the next month while searching aimlessly through Flickr. Deepa tried to analyze why it was all coming from Germany... there was no conclusive answer. I held off from ordering either one for months! Watching ravelry and reading blogs has only made the obsession worse.

I caved in July.
Ordered Wollmeise? check.
Kauni... you tell me.

Everyone's knitting this rainbow-licious sweater. It's great, it is-- but the horizontal focus is just too strong for me. Love the color. Fun to knit, but I had to ask myself, "Would I ever wear it?". Probably not.

So, I thought about the fair isle sweaters that I've always wanted to knit. Near the top of the list is one from Norsk Strikkedesign:
The Princess Line sweater

Do you think it will work in Kauni EL and EZ?


EDIT: love Renee's comment: Kauni is actually a Danish company, so you're perfectly well balanced and not obsessive at all. :-)


Guinifer said...

Oooooooo. I am moaning because that is fantabu-gorgeous! Wow. My head would explode.

CathyCate said...

Oh my stars. That's a beautiful design. Yes, yes, the Kauni colors would look incredible! It will be a challenge, and the shaping is kind of non-existent, but it would almost have to be to allow the design to shine.

Guinifer said...

On my computer screen I'm wondering if you'd want just a titch more contrast - but the tints/shades are good.

renee said...

Kauni is actually a Danish company, so you're perfectly well balanced and not obsessive at all. :-)

With such fine detailed color work, I'd be a little worried about losing the pattern with a variegated yarn. But, since the variegation seems pretty subtle, it might work ok.

deepa said...

I don't know...I still think it's too subtle contrast. But it's hard to judge on computer monitors. And also, really, nothing wrong with subtle.

Said the woman who loves the bright colors! And the bold contrast.

I'm going to get the denim-y Kauni and the EQ, to copy Jeanie Townsend's sweater. That graph, while not as simple as the double EQ sweaters, is still simple enough- for my first fairisle project.

Holly said...

Danish yarn knit in a norwegian pattern, sounds good to me.

As far as your choices - no those two do not have enough contrast, I have seen swatches in person. Since Kauni also makes solids, you could do a colour change against a solid -
Otherwise go one dark and one light.

That sweater is beautiful and you would want your work to show.

fluffbuff said...

Oh my. Are you really going to knit *that* sweater? It's awesome.

Diane said...

I think it would work fine as long as the main color wouldn't overpower kauni. The color changes on Kauni was a looooong repeat so it'll be interesting.

Elemmaciltur said...

Oh, come on, you know full well where the German yarn craze is coming from....being in contact with me and Bockstark Knits should explain it. ;-)