Monday, July 2, 2007


Raupe Toe-ups
Friday night I finally figured it out-- the toe-up heel flap for a non 60 stitch sock. (These are 72.) I've decided that Raupe isn't just a sock yarn for a small, select number of knitters-- it's also, well, let's just say the colorway doesn't grow on you the more you knit it. (I might even say it's a bit... ugly.) Last Tuesday I was at a party and someone referred to them as 'beautiful'. I couldn't stop my nose from scrunching up. I'm going to persevere and finish the socks before summer ends!

Adventures in hand-painted yarn The second Junior High Eyeshadow sock was started over the weekend, too. These each have 66 stitches around, and are knit from each end of the ball. Look how radically different the patterning is! The yarn is just luscious to knit. It's my first cashmere! Ok, 30% cashmere. (Again, thanks for the lovely gift.) If you want to give it a try, it's Lucia from Posh Yarns.
Toby and Paco have distinct and quite different personalities. These photos from yesterday afternoon certainly highlight Toby's refined, debonair sensibilities-- and Paco's silly-crazy playfulness.
Deepa likes to refer to them as "Monsieur Toby" and "SeƱor Paco". Appropriate, indeed.


deepa said...
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deepa said...

Radically different patterning indeed. How interesting.

Glad you're enjoying the luxe yarn. I want to see how it feels after washing.

Toby is M'sieur Aristocratique. Paco is Senor Diablito. (Bauer is Diablito Negro.)

Elemmaciltur said...

Heh. I know exactly what you meant with Raupe. It was the same feeling I had with Barfetta (which I finished today....they're drying, so won't post about them yet)

Guinifer said...

Are M'sieur and Senor both healthy now?

Diane said...

How is Paco feeling? Has he received a clean bill of health from the vet?

The socks look great. Love the colors.