Monday, July 9, 2007

Pickles & Sushi

Deepa asked me if I had read last week's Pickles series by Brian Crane. It was all about knitting! Lots of fun. Use the calendar on the left and click on 7/2/07 through 7/7/07.

Nothing is more messy that schlepping around two nearly completed toe-up socks that are being knit from the same ball. The yarn twists all the time, and you spend a good deal of your time untwisting and unknotting. It's a pain. Friday night I tried sock sushi:
It's worked out pretty well! Over the weekend I wanted to finish the JHEs, but I didn't have very much time to knit. One of these days I'll have an FO to show you!


Guinifer said...

Mmmmm sushi....that's what I had for lunch, but frankly, yours is prettier.

deepa said...

Next time just use my digital kitchen scale to weigh out two equal balls of yarn. That's what I do. Alas I have no swift. I make do with prescription bottles or cope with the balls that you rewind so they are no longer center pull. Sigh.

Diane said...

Instant mittens .... if only I had that talent.

Stacey said...

sock sushi - what a great idea! :)

Holly said...

Great idea!

When I want socks to match I do exactly the same thing. I don't want too balls (grin) it much more fun to drive yourself insane with the tangles. Taking no risk of losing either sock or the yarn