Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Last week I was able to get away to part of the National Forest located in Northern Minnesota. Our extended family goes a few times a year together, and as always the trip was absolutely gorgeous.

We canoed, kayaked, swam, fished, walked, hiked, took saunas, played cards, and ate excellent food all week long. There was little time for knitting, and lots of time for HP7 theories! I took very few photos, so there aren't that many to show you.

There was one new experience: we went to Stone lake to fish. The 5 mile road leading directly to the lake washed out a few years ago. We used an ATV to pull the boat and fishers, then hopped out of the boat whenever we hit ravines, mud pools, or washed out road portions. The horseflies were frightenly enthusiastic. Warm bodies! The lake, gorgeous. It was full of wildlife, lots of flowering lilypads, and blue herons.

Toby and Paco were able to stay in my house thanks to a lovely puppy-sitter. They were a little 'sticky' when I returned!
During the week I did sew up all seams on LR, and knit two borders. The seams have been blocked, and I'm starting the final borders tonight. It'll be done in less than a week. Toby has a new fondness for it.

For fear of spoilers from all sides I finished reading HP7 over the weekend-- and didn't finish the Sockapalooza 4 socks. August is closing in fast! Must finish these socks!!!


BertandFelix said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I have been trying not to listen to all the HP7 chat too. I am about half way done with the book...and then I start the Wild Apple.

Anonymous said...

Is that in Voyageur's? It's so beautiful up there.

I speed read through HP too because just for once I wanted to find out what happened on my own, not through spoilers. I succeeded-barely.

Guinifer said...

The horseflies up north are crazy aren't they? Toby does look like he's pretty comfy.