Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Park

Oh, the joys of childhood.

Our lunch-time knitting entertainment today was two girls who sat incredibly close to the fake river water, then turned their lunch food into play items! (Really, who needs to eat this stuff, anyway?) Take a look at the stone their drinks are on. That's where they were originally sitting. What adult would choose *that* stone to eat on? The strange part was that their parent wasn't around until right before they left the park. The couple on the left-- complete strangers-- they didn't know the kids. Is this responsible parenting?
It's refreshing to be with your people once again! Other sock knitters were in the park, and I heard chatter about silk yarn now and again. (No Sheep for You! influence?) We're planning for a meet-up next week. The Junior High Eyeshadow heel has been turned. I knit a tiny gusset into the sock, then used a double-wrap, short-row stockinette heel. (Same technique as Lucy Neatby's garter stitch heel subbing stockinette for garter, and I used 58% of the original stitch number.)


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Those kids look awfully young to be alone in a park, even in broad daylight.

deepa said...

I think of our Cities as being very safe...but really, this is ridiculous parental neglect.

Love how the JHE socks are turning out. I thought to myself that looked like a really deep heel until I read that you used 60% of the stitches a la Neatby. Can't wait to see in person!

Must take a pic in sunlight of the skein you overdyed. I really like it!

Jess said...

Yeah, not so much with the responsible parenting there. Unfortunately there's a lot of that going around.

Love the socks!