Thursday, February 22, 2007

Morning Light

The Lizard Ridge squares I've knit thus far:
The project start date was 2/16, so I've knit about one square a day. The pattern calls for 24 squares. I've knit a quarter of them just under a week's time. If I keep up the pace, and buy more kureyon the afghan could be completed by mid-March *and* I would still have time to work on a previous UFO. Tempting. Oh, so very tempting.

The Kureyon color scheme in my stash had lots of blues and purples.
With these squares, and their left-overs I've knit through all my pre-2007 stash of Kureyon. On Sunday Addie and I went yarn shopping after the knit-out, and I purchased six skeins. (Addie is a new knitter that has joined my weeknight knitting group. In just a few week's time she's completed two fabulous projects. We all know she'll be a turbo knitter some day.)

Dear knitting friends, the 2007 yarn resolution is over. My only remaining goal for the year will be to buy in moderation and try to knit from the stash as much as possible.


deepa said...

You sneaky thing! I had no idea you were knitting Lizard Ridge. The squares look absolutely spectacular. Can't wait to see in person.

Yeah, I would say your resolution is now officially ended. Ain't no loophole big enough now. ;)

Diane said...

Each square looks great alone; can't imagine how wonderful it's going to look once it's together. But I'm willing to wait ....

iSeL said...

Gorgeous!! See? This is why I have contests, because otherwise I would never run into into all these great blogs out there.

I will definitely make The Go with the Flow socks, not sure if with Lucy yet, but I've had a thing for that pattern since it came out and I had to frog my first attempt.
Thanks for your input. :D

Monica said...

When I first saw your pictures I said, "OOOOHH, pretty!" I've always wanted to make that throw and the only thing that has stopped me is that I don't have any Kureyon in the stash and I don't want to add any right now. I have almost everything else in the stash but not Kureyon.

sales said...

Is this from endangered species lizards?