Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mutant Amaryllis, part 3

As the first set of blooms starting to whither away, further surprises appear from the second stem. Yes, SIX blossoms have appeared. Six! This is truly a mutant amaryllis. How can knitting occur with such a strange and wonderul distraction?

Honestly, I've been watching 24 on DVD. I'd rate it's addictive qualities as three times more potent than sock knitting.


deepa said...

Funny to see Amaryllis after Xmas, but wow, way to go with that green thumb.

I was never as addicted to sock knitting as you, but 24, yep, know all about that! I can't really knit to CSI either...and sorry to say that Liev Schreiber was offed y'day, so you can safely go back to GA.

Guinifer said...

I've been buying the back seasons of 24 from iTunes and watching them on the 'pod. It's easier to watch and knit on the little screen.

Hey - the Lisa Souza sock comes in three varieties (actually more, but I've used three). She has the Sock! Merino which is really fine 0's for sure. Then there's Sock which is 75/25 Merino nylon, still fine, but you can use a 1 to knit with. The new Merino Hardtwist is much more like the STR lightweight.