Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sunny Socks

Well, at least the sun's out at my house:

Lorna's laces sport bittersweet, truly basic sock in railroad stitch-- and a heelflap! (I haven't knit one of these for a long, long time.)

Usually my mood is quite elevated-- but I've been a little cranky lately. This is how I've been cheering myself up:


Guinifer said...

I actually left your blog up on the screen for half the day because it was so bright and happy!

(nice yarn!)

Diane said...

If pretty socks, pretty yarn, and pretty flowers don't cheer you up then you certainly are a cranky pants.

renee said...

Wow! Great socks and love the new yarn. what kind is it?

deepa said...

Aha! I spy with my little eye some STR Sherbet! The socks are utterly fabulous, must try LL sometime. Right now I'm busy knitting toe ups for M. I may seriously never knit cuff down again, especially now that I've discovered you can toe-up a heel flap. See you Sunday!