Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hello. My Name is _________

...and I'm a yarn-aholic. Only one month, and I've fallen off the wagon! Can you spot the ugly truth below?
Before I would have said, "Well, I knit my only sweater's worth of Noro before-- so I'm just going to replenish the stash". This year I don't have the same excuse!
It's Noro Sakura, color #1. Lt DK, lovely striping, gorgeous spring-summer yarn. There's enough for a tank below. I'm not sure how to fit this purchase into the loopholes. Yes, it was on sale (Webs, once again.) Yes, it's more than four skeins. No, it's not exactly a sweater's worth...

So, I'm going to donate knitted items (Hats, scarves, mittens) to the Paul & Sheila Wellstone Elementary School in downtown St. Paul. If you're in the Twin Cities area and would like to join in, let me know. I'll make deliveries through the month of February.
[Renee thought this would suffice as penance. What do you think?]


Guinifer said...

Okay - that is some gorgeous yarn. I'd love to see it knit up.

deepa said...

OK,so now you're not even emailing me and asking me to dissuade you? Tsk tsk.

But charity knitting is penance. Not sure it's a practical choice for kids, but it's the thought that counts.

I haven't fallen off the wagon yet. But keep an eye out for Silk Garden for me, ok?

Diane said...

Damn Webs! Always such pretty yarn at great prices. How could you possibly resist.