Monday, February 26, 2007

Ridging Along

We had a little snow in Minnesota. Paco was intrigued for a second, and then he decided to come right back in! (Check out that door bottom. Wouldn't income from a second job be great?)

Twelve squares are complete, and I love them.
I was particularly fond of the one below this weekend. Can you spot it's fraternal twin above?
Of course, there were a few rejects. Something great produced something truly awful.The pink one on the right was made from leftovers of the colorway above. Yuck. The other was just too monochromatic. There's a basket of leftovers waiting, so I'm interested to see if I can turn my knitted dross into color drama.


deepa said...

These squares give new meaning to the term 'eye candy'. Drool!

Edging in WOTA will work fine I think. I'm not so fond of the crochet edging in the original pattern. I-cord is an option. I kind of liked what I did for my log cabin- mitered edges garter stitch.

Color recommendation- based on the pics I'd say blue is a common theme, but yes, best to check out the color card.

Can't wait to see this all seamed up and edged!

renee said...

It's looking really lovely.

Carrie said...

I'm really enjoying seeing the progress on your blanket!

Paco, more snow is on it's way!!!

sales said...

No more knitting books until I get a pair of socks!

Preferably midnight black with flecks of slate black and satin black.

Guinifer said...

Wow. That blanket is so richly colored. Nice.