Friday, April 6, 2007

"Highly Evolved Beings"

Excuse the poor lighting this morning.

There it is, yarn dyed for the Buffy Knit Along. Yes, we're talking Vampire Slayer.
Any suggestions for a colorway name?

This skein has found a home with Amy at KnitThink. This all started when Amy held a contest, and Buffy conversation ensued. She believes knitting Buffy fans as highly evolved beings. When you are one, how can you disagree?

Sweet Georgia Yarns has a "Slayer" colorway, but unfortunatly she will not produce any yarn during this year. Google searches didn't magically find any unwanted skeins of the same, thus the attempt above. I'm out of this fiber (440 yds, lt. superwash merino), but I will make similar batch when another shipment of wool arrives.

Final Jaeger Trinity Cobalt results. It did lighten up upon drying, but is darker than this picture shows. I couldn't have asked for better results.

First summer-related knitting project this year will be a Lotus Blossom Tank. At the retreat last weekend I won a door prize-- 10 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold's Cotton Patine and a cute shell pattern from (blogless in Mpls) Joyce. It's a surprisingly light brushed dk cotton yarn. The only downside is that some colorways have been known to dramatically loose their color after machine washing. Honestly, I probably would never have picked this color, It's a lovely silvery sage tone reminicent of my bedroom walls. If it does lighten up, I certainly won't be dissapointed.
Final thoughts: I didn't intend to circumnavigate a chat about Lizard Ridge. Yes, it has been (almost completely) seamed. It looks great, but just isn't wide enough to be used as intended- a cozy, cuddly afghan for two. So, I'm adding another strip. One square has been knit from left-overs. 5 squares remain. I'm trying to not spend money on yarn, so I'll slowly pick up the last needed 3 or 4 skeins of Kureyon. I'll finish it sometime this spring/summer.


Guinifer said...

Ooo..LOVE it! Spike's Obsession?

beadslut said...

That is a gorgeous colorway. I offer up "Mr. Pointy" as a name, and a request for notification should any come available. After all, who doesn't need Buffy socks?

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Pretty! I like Guinifer's suggestion! : )

Amy said...

Hmmm...You could call it The First; you could call it A World of No; you could call it Hush; you could call it Once More With Feeling; or just plain old Buffy Rocks. Love it! Can't wait to get my greedy little hands on it!

Stacey said...

The slayer is beautiful - such intense colors!!! Your dying job on the blue also came out really nice....